Areas Covered by the Damage Deposit

Housekeepers are required to report to us within 3 days of your departure that everything is satisfactory. 99 times out of a 100 nothing further is required and the amount held is credited back.

Damage/Breakages: In the event of damage, breakage, missing items or extra cleaning being reported (see below), we will advise you by email or letter detailing items with invoices insofar as they are available (where they are not, estimates will be provided) and the amount charged to your card will be held subject to the final invoice.

Extra Cleaning: (defined as time taken in excess of the normal turn-around for that particular property) will be charged at the housekeeper’s usual hourly rate. The list below is not exhaustive but would include:

Dirty dishes left on surfaces and sink, plus dishwasher not put on before departure.

Cooker/hob or oven with burned on food.

Furniture, if moved, not put back to its original position.

Excessive quantities of rubbish requiring disposal.

Invoices for Repairs (beyond normal wear and tear) or items broken/missing (replaced like for like as far as possible) will be submitted.

If the housekeeper or our office are involved in extra organisation, telephone calls/letters; this will be charged for.

A final account will be submitted as soon as possible.Should the deposit of £150 be insufficient to cover the final account the balance will immediately become liable and we would require payment within 7 days.