A family day at Dorset Mud Trail


Dorset Mud TrailMy five year old son declared, standing by a stream surrounded by woodland on a glorious Sunday in May looking up at Corfe Castle. However, I could no longer tell if it was my son, as I could not see any clothes or skin. From head to toe he was a walking, talking mud monster, courtesy of Dorset Mud Trail!

Discovering Dorset Mud Trail

This family adventure all started at the beginning of spring when I had driven past The Dorset Waterpark, which I was desperate to take the family to, but my immediate thought was, the children were not strong enough swimmers yet. However, I was very excited to see a new sign up saying Dorset Mud Trail and I was intrigued.

As a child I remember creating muddy obstacle races and climbing through streams  getting covered in mud. This created some of my best childhood memories that I treasure to this day. The Mud Trail seemed to offer this but on an even grander muddier scale, immediately I was hooked.


Arrival at the course

Dorset Mud TrailA few weeks later on a very hot Sunday afternoon we met some friends at the car park, all of us wearing clothes that we no longer fitted or cared about. After a brief chat with the very friendly and helpful staff we headed off to the start of our muddy adventure. Our dirty team was made up of three adults, two seven year old boys, two five year old girls and a five year old boy.

It was, as I faced the start and looked across the field to see other competitors negotiating various obstacles; that I threw all self-respect, decorum, pride and any inhibitions that I had left over my shoulder and promptly fell off the first obstacle face down in the mud! I still had three kilometres of this to run and stumble through, I was a child again!

Over the next hour or so we climbed, swung, rolled, squeezed and wallowed our way around the 30 obstacle course. The stand out obstacles were any that involved a rope over an expanse of water or the inflatable that was so slippery that you were guaranteed a mud bath, as you slid back down again and again and again.

How muddy can your children get?

Dorset Mud TrailNaturally, our younger team members had to have a competition as to who could get the muddiest as we worked as a team to clamber over and through all the obstructions to the finish line. “The muddier the better” became our team slogan. The kids were having an absolute ball. The parents along with rope burns, bruised limbs and egos were also grinning from ear to ear. This was family fun at its best and most simple form.

We fell over the finish line and realised that we still had plenty of time left from our two hour slot. Some of the team returned to top up further on their mud tan by crossing more obstacles on the course. The rest of us headed to the showers to remove the caked clothes and attempt to scrape our skin clean.

The dreaded showers

It was at the “showers” that our team imploded and the camaraderie disappeared somewhat. The adults were attempting to scrub slippery, muddy children who, as always, hated the thought of a good wash especially in less than hot, steaming water!! We all laughed when the son who only five minutes before had said that “it was his best day ever” also now stated that “it was his worst day ever”!

Later we sat up on the hill, ice cream in hand gazing over the Water Park towards Corfe Castle. All children (and adults) made happy childhood memories that day.

This is fun for all the family and for all capabilities and compared to most days out really good value for money. Under 6 years £5, 7-15 years £6 and adults £8 for a two hour session, there are discounts available if you are able to use the Waterpark as well. Wear old clothes and trainers and bring a change of clothes with you and prepare yourself for an afternoon of fun.

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