Dorset – Eggardon Hill Fort – The Bell Stone – Walk #8


Afternoon walk

Follow this path

Follow this path

A visit to Eggardon Hill Fort is a great short walk for an afternoon following Sunday lunch at one of the local village pubs. To get there just take the A35 east from Bridport and turn left towards the Spyway Inn at Askerswell – an ideal place to have some refreshment.

Follow the road up the hill for a further 1 1/2 miles and Eggardon Hill can be seen on your left. The best place to park is at at the top of the hill – turn right at the crossroads and park on your left.

Rocky Outcrops

Rocky outcrops

The walk is not for the faint-hearted as there are some fairly steep hills to go down (and up!). Keep on heading down around the lower edge of the hill fort – up ahead (to your right) you will eventually see some rocky outcrops.

The Bell Stone

The Bell Stone

It is thought that the old name for this stone was Bel Stone, taken from the Celtic god Belinos, a solar deity, akin to the Greek god Apollo. Belinos was also known as the “Bright One” whose powers fertilised the land in the spring.

Others think that Belinos is a god of the Underworld and of the dead – so many locals do not wander up here at night (just in case!).

This is a lovely spot to take a break and take in the surroundings – you may come across some of the locals (sheep/cattle) some of which have surprisingly large horns!

Now turn around and head back – best not to try and go up the animal trails to the top as there is no gate to get through once at the top so a tricky descent would be needed (or brave the barbed wire fence). Once through the gate look for the easiest route up to the top – you can see why this would be such a good fort and easily defended by those in residence.

At the top take in the magnificence of the wonderful views around the whole of the hill. Now it is an easy walk back to the car and to spend the rest of the day having a rest in your lovely cottage.

Cottages near to Eggardon Hill can be found from the Bridport area.