Dorset supermarkets

So you’re coming away for a self catering holiday in Dorset, but not sure where will you find a supermarket?

There are plenty of independent shops specialising in local goods and produce throughout Dorset – definitely worth a try. If you’ve booked with us already, be sure to check out your link to our exclusive guest offers for local suppliers that can deliver to your holiday cottage.

For your more regular shop, to avoid the queues at the checkout you might want to arrange for a delivery after your arrival at your holiday cottage rather than having to rush off to the shops – always a popular choice. There may also come a time during your holiday when you need to pop into a supermarket to purchase some essentials to keep you going.

For your convenience we have compiled a list of supermarkets that are fairly local to our cottages:

Lyme Regis AreaSupermarkets

Tesco Superstore, Axminster

Coop, Lyme Regis

Tesco Express, Lyme Regis

Bridport AreaSupermarkets

Spar, West Bay

Coop, Bridport

Lidl, Bridport

Morrisons, BridportSupermarkets

Waitrose, Bridport

Weymouth and Dorchester Area

Aldi, Weymouth

Asda, WeymouthSupermarkets

Coop, Chickerell Road, Weymouth

Coop, Preston Road, Weymouth

Lidl, Weymouth

Morrisons, WeymouthSupermarkets

Spar, Weymouth

Sainsbury’s, Weymouth

Coop, Portland

Tesco, PortlandSupermarkets

Coop, Dorchester

Lidl, Dorchester

Tesco, Dorchester

Waitrose, Dorchester

Lulworth AreaSupermarkets

Coop, Wareham

Coop, Warmwell

Sainsbury’s, WarehamSupermarkets

Spar, Wool

Swanage and Purbeck

Budgens, Swanage

Coop, Wareham

Coop, Swanage

Sainsbury’s, WarehamSupermarkets

This list is designed to give you an indication of supermarkets nearby and is by no means a full list. There are other smaller “local” supermarkets which can be found quite easily and don’t forget to support the independent shops and farm shops for the true Dorset food experience.

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