Cottage and Booking FAQ’S


It’s our busiest time of year and with lots of bookings come lots of questions! Here are some of the most frequent but if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please ASK US! We’re here to help!

1. Will there be anything at the cottage when I arrive?

We recommend to all our owners that a small supply of essentials (toilet paper, milk, a old springfieldcouple of dishwashing tablets etc) are left in the cottage to tide you over until you are able to get to the shops. Otherwise it’s BYO everything! Remember grocery deliveries are available from most of the major supermarkets. The full address of the property will be on your key instructions or ask us if you’re not sure!

2. What are the arrival and departure times of the cottages?

Most of our cottages are either 3pm arrival and 10 am departure or 4pm arrival and 11am departure but please check your key instructions as there are a couple of variations.

3. How will I get the key if I am arriving late?

The keys are always located at the property so it doesn’t matter how late you arrive. Remember a torch (or torch app!) in winter.

4. Is it possible to arrive early?

It depends. If the cottage is ready it’s generally not a problem. However, if there are back to back bookings it may not be possible, especially in our larger properties. It’s always best to check with the housekeeper on the day of your arrival. His or her name and number will be on your key instructions.

Waddon Hill Cottage5. Are logs supplied?

Yes, logs are supplied between 1st October and 3oth April but please remember to bring kindling and firelighters!

6. Can I bring my own BBQ or a disposable BBQ to the property if it doesn’t have one?

Yes but please remember to clean up any mess.

7. Why can’t I pay online?

Before we take payment from you we like to make sure that you are booked into the right property. Seemingly small details like a steep set of stairs, no WiFi or a double room instead of a twin room can be enough to ruin a family holiday and are easily missed when booking online. The property is reserved for you when you book online but we like to have a chat before we take your money!

8. I’m trying to book a short break but the website won’t let me.

It’s probably because you are trying to book during a peak period. Generally speaking, short breaks during peak times (Half Terms, Christmas, Easter and the months of June – September) may only be booked within two weeks of the required dates. For more info on short breaks click here.

9. What equipment is in the kitchen?clare cottage

The kitchens of our cottages are fully equipped with cooker, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine and freezer (there are a couple of exceptions but this will be clearly outlined in the cottage description).

10. Is there a TV and DVD player?

Yes these are standard items. A full list of standard items can be found here.

11. Is there anything else I should bring?

We always suggest beach towels in summer (bath towels are supplied) and a torch (or torch app!) in the winter months as many villages don’t have street lighting. Don’t forget your key instructions and please call us if there’s anything you’re not sure about!