Games for your Dorset holiday

Family holiday games

RiskA family holiday is always a great opportunity to spend more time together. Playing holiday games in the evening after a busy day out is a great way to end the day.

Some of our staff have suggested some favourite family games, some they have played recently, some in their younger years.  A holiday in Dorset is a great time to get away from the technology that so easily takes over our lives – everything seems to “ping” nowadays, the dishwasher, washing machine, the phone… do away with the “ping” and get down to some real traditional family fun. You never know, you may enjoy it!

Turn it all off for at least one evening of your holiday and enjoy some time without a “ping” interruption. You might try it once and like it!

Team Favourites

I can remember, as a child, hours spent playing Cluedo and Monopoly with my mum, dad and brother. As we grew older, along came Trivial Pursuit. (We had forfeits for wrong answers so always ended up a bit messy!) A game of Pass the Pigs is always good fun for an evening either in front of the fire or with a cooling drink on the patio. Here are what the teams at Dorset Coastal Cottages have to say:

Jeremy our Managing Director enjoys playing Uno with his children, Articulate with adult family members and Jenga for everyone!

Our office manager Nikki likes playing “Frustration with her family as it’s a good family fun game”.

“I personally used to love a game of Yahtzee with my family after supper when we were on holiday. And I remember long games of Risk on rainy afternoons.” – Tom, Marketing Manager.

ScrabbleTina from our bookings team voted for “Balderdash – Best Game ever – a bit like Call my Bluff”.

“In the late 90’s we used to play this with our friends and family – you never get bored. It can be hilarious – a definite family favourite!  Trivial Pursuits was played a lot in the 80’s. It is best to get the updated version now as the younger generation find the older version too difficult!”

“One of my most treasured memories is of spending time with my Dad, partner & son while on holiday playing the Dragon Lance board game. A game of cunning and strategy, avoiding attacks from other players dragons trying to steal the lance from your claws! Dad initially didn’t want to play, however, within 5 minutes he was obsessed!  Not your standard game of tiddlywinks but certainly a game for making memories!” – Ali, Bookings Team.

“I use to play Coppit with my family growing up, other favourites were Cluedo and Monopoly. We recently played the game Speak Out at Easter which had us all in stitches!” – Christina, Bookings Team.

Trivial Pursuit“Rummikub gets my vote and Blokus is quite good… it’s like Tetris but on a board – great for older kids/4 people. Linkee is not bad either, that was on Dragon’s Den!” – Mandi, Customer Services.

“One of our favourites is Rummikub – which combines the games of rummy and Mahjong. It’s a real brain teaser where you have to make various number related patterns and it’s great watching everyone agonise over the numbers that they have – my 10 year old nephew is the family genius at this game and tends to beat everyone else”– Kate, Customer Services Manager.


There are thousands of board games available, all with their own set of rules, some very simple others more technical. Some games require a level of knowledge and skill whereas others are pure chance. Over to you to choose your favourite holiday game and enjoy some “ping free” time.

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