JoJo Maman Bébé photoshoot at Greensands

JoJo Maman Bébé at Greensands

If you’re a JoJo Maman Bébé fan then you might recognise one of our wonderful Purbeck Stone holiday cottages, Greensands, which was the location for their current Autumn/Winter 2017 catalogue (and features in our family holiday prize detailed below too)!

For two weeks in March this year, the JoJo Maman Bébé team had a lovely time (and so did the parents of one lucky little model, Flora), at Greensands. We are lucky enough to have been given some great snippets and behind the scenes photos of their day.

Having had a read, if you love the idea of your little one featuring in a catalogue too then just put them forward to be a JoJo Maman Bébé ‘Little Model’

Off to the photoshoot

It’s not every day you get the chance to be part of a JoJo Maman Bébé photoshoot, or rather your kids do.

Exciting as it was though, we set out for Corfe Castle one day back in March with a good amount of trepidation, mainly because the ‘kid’ in question was our 19 month old, who was most definitely entering an extreme teething stage, with lashings of cheeky rascal-ness too.

The thought of corralling her around, avoiding meltdowns and the slight chance that after all the effort she’d not make the cut meant that we, mum and dad, were just slightly on edge. Adding to the fun was the fact we brought our other two children along too!

Thankfully trepidation soon turned to excitement when we headed down past the ruins of Corfe Castle and into the amazingly picturesque village itself. If not for the modern shops, galleries and cafes, you’d think you had stepped back in time, especially when catching a glimpse of the Swanage Railway Steam Train and hearing the toot-toot of its whistle (see image below!). It’s a wonder we’ve never been to this part of Dorset!

As we were early for our photoshoot arrival time, we duly headed up the hill for a Corfe Castle adventure, which was amazing. The ruins and views are spectacular and mesmerising in equal measure and we even saw a Falconry display. Unfortunately for me, it was too early to head to The Greyhound, which is apparently one of the most photographed pubs in England thanks to its unique location under the castle and overlooking the Swanage Railway. Ahh well, can’t have it all!

Instead it was time to head out of the village for the 4 minute drive to Greensands, a beautiful Purbeck Stone holiday cottage with marvelous views of the coast and the Purbeck hills. Just as we arrived we also spotted the puff of a steam train heading across the fields below Greensands towards Swanage, which was fab. What a place for a photoshoot, let alone a Dorset family holiday!!

Welcome to Greensands

Jojo-Maman-Bébé-Autumn-2017-photoshoot-Dorset-Coastal-Cottages-Dorset-Family-HolidaysThe smiley JoJo Maman Bébé team welcomed us into the Orangery, tea and nibbles were on offer and things were going particularly well. Yes… we were still a tantrum free zone I’m glad to say!

Given the lowdown about what to expect, our little one was soon sized-up and presented with various items of lovely JoJo Maman Bébé clothing from their Autumn/Winter 2017 range. Even at this age you can imagine how much fun this must have been for her (and her mum)!

Cue the first photoshoot session, which went surprisingly well. The photos show just how much fun our daughter had with an equally excited girl who you also might recognise from the JoJo Maman Bébé catalogues!

Soon time for the last photoshoot which went smoothly helped by a few sneaky choccy buttons from the JoJo Maman Bébé team, who really were impressive. They kept all the mini models amazingly happy throughout and were lovely to meet. This was especially impressive considering they had a whole week and half’s worth of morning and afternoon photoshoot slots to go, which is a pretty daunting prospect for even the most patient among us.

Away from the photoshoot

As fun as this was though, my son and I were itching to discover the garden at Greensands. So, with mum looking after the two girls, it was our chance to slip away into well over half an acre of lawns and ample entertainment for children and adults alike. From the orchard to the brilliant woodland area with a Wendy House, swing and trampoline, we were in our Bear Grylls element!

Thankfully, all of this added up to absolutely no crying, screaming or naughtiness from any of our kids which was both astounding and totally lovely. They even had the energy to go for a stroll in the fields and lanes surrounding Greensands, with fab views of the Purbeck Hills and beyond.

It would have been lovely to discover the beaches and coves nearby but it was soon time to head home to Devon (yep, we drove a fair way to be here!). We certainly know where our next family holiday will be though!

Win a holiday in the very same cottage!

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