There’s something about Colmer’s Hill

What is about Colmer’s?

How can a bunch of trees on a hill be so fascinating and inspire so many local artists and photographers to try to capture its essence?

Is it the shape of the hill? The outline of the trees?

Colmer’s Hill

No. It’s a feeling.

A feeling you get as you drive along the A35, or walk down South Street in Bridport and glimpse the Watchman of West Dorset in the distance.
Colmer’s is time. Colmer’s is beauty. Colmer’s is continuity.
Most of all, Colmer’s Hill is home… even if you’re just passing through.

Colmer’s Hill tips and tricks

For photographers…

Colmer’s is at its most beautiful in late Autumn when the bracken on one side changes to gold. The light constantly changes the appearance of the hill and it is often surrounded by an early morning mist.

For walkers…

Walk to the top from Symondsbury (a small village about a mile from Bridport) where you can enjoy views of the coast and villages inland. It can be very windy and much cooler up the top (stating the obvious?!) and there is a trig point up there which is great for gathering around for a photo!

For art lovers…

Local artist Hilary Buckley has produced many versions of Colmer’s with many available to buy as prints. Our favourite is Art Deco inspired “Patterns of Colmer’s Hill”

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