What Does The Beach Mean To You?

If you love the beach you will love manonabeach. Traveling from coast to coast, manonabeach has been asking beach-goers from Cornwall to Scotland…

What does the beach mean to you?

In Autumn of last year manonabeach made his way to Dorset and you can see footage of most of the major Dorset Beaches along with interviews that highlight the powerful and diverse effects our beautiful coastline has on people’s psyche.

Des, interviewed at Durdle Door, sees the beach as a stress reliever.



Take a peek at the the wide sandy beaches of Studland below


Along with Dorset, Manonabeach has visited the beaches of Cornwall, Norfolk & Suffolk, Sussex, Scottish Lowlands and is currently working his way around North East Scotland. Manonabeach is also involved in some very important and interesting research looking at the economic value of the beach environment and how natural water environments can be utilised to promote human health and well-being.

“The project celebrates the elemental power of the beach and its profound effect on people who enjoy being where the air, land and sea meet.”

There are also some excellent photo galleries on manonabeach’s facebook page.

Why not take a look at our cottages near Studland beach?