Complaints procedure

Our commitment to you

We hope that the property you have booked meets your expectations and that you have a lovely holiday. There may be times, however, that during your stay you are unhappy with the service or facilities that have been provided. We are committed to being responsive to the needs and concerns of our guests and resolving your complaint as quickly as possible.

This guide will inform you how to raise a complaint and how it will be dealt with.

Your contract of hire is between yourself (as the hirer) and the owner. Dorset Coastal Cottages act as agents for the property owner. We will liaise with you, the owner and the housekeeper in relation to a complaint.

If your complaint is about a member of Dorset Coastal Cottages staff, please contact the Office Manager – details below.

If you have a complaint

Guests are requested to raise any issue or complaint immediately during their stay so that the owner, housekeeper or Dorset Coastal Cottages has the opportunity to remedy the problem as soon possible.

It is reasonable that an owner should be given the opportunity to resolve a problem during your stay and this may require access to the property. On occasion, the problem may take longer than expected to repair and may not be resolved immediately.

From time to time things do go wrong – a holiday cottage is no different to any normal home and even a well-maintained property will experience the odd failure and breakdown.

If an issue that you have raised cannot be remedied during your stay and you remain dissatisfied with the action taken the party leader is asked to contact us directly.

A claim may not necessarily be considered if it is reported after departure.

Complaints must be made separately, as per the procedure below and will not be accepted as part of any feedback form sent after your departure.

How to make a complaint

  • A complaint must be made by the party leader by telephone or in writing (letter or email) during your stay or within 3 working days of your departure date.
  • We will send you a complaints form and an acknowledgement of your complaint within 2 working days.
  • This form must be completed within 5 working days or it will not be considered further.
  • Please complete this as fully as you can so that we have as much information as possible (including photographic evidence) about the issues that you are raising.
  • This should be sent to [email protected]

Complaints procedure

  • We will acknowledge receipt of your complaints form within 24 hours.
  • By 1 Week (5 working days after receiving your complaints form)
    Dorset Coastal Cottages will liaise with the property owner and housekeeper for their response to your complaint. We will update you at the end of 5 working days.
    We may need further information from you during our investigation in which case we will give you 5 working days in which to respond and for these details to be considered as part of the claim.
  • By 1 Month
    Your complaint will have been fully investigated and we will have written to you with a final response. Any delays will be advised.
  • If you remain dissatisfied
    We may ask you to liaise directly with the owner of the property so that you might find a solution.

Please note: Dorset Coastal Cottages are only able to comment on facts and feedback from our guests, our housekeepers and our owners and as such can only provide a limited mediation process.

Dispute resolution service

If you are still not satisfied at the end of this process, the Holiday Home Association (HHA) offers an independent and impartial dispute resolution service. Fees are charged for the use of this service. You can start this process by contacting the Chief Executive of the HHA no later than 6 months after the initial written complaint was made.

Other information

Complaints about staff (this does not include housekeepers who are self-employed).

Dorset Coastal Cottages is committed to delivering a professional and reliable service. If you are unhappy with any member of the team, please contact in the first instance:

Mrs Nikki Axon
Office Manager
[email protected]
Tel: 01929 401420