Dogs in Bridport

Dorset is a dog loving county and there are many places to take your four legged friend while on holiday. Most of us at Dorset Coastal Cottages have at least one dog to assist us with our exploration of the area here are some of our discoveries from the Bridport area for you to explore:

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

This historic sub-tropical garden is over 250 years old and welcomes dogs on leads throughout the 20 acres of exotic and unusual shrubs and trees. This botanic treat is located in it’s unique, mild climate with a restaurant, plant nursery and play area.

Beaminster Museum

Dogs on a lead are welcome in the museum where you can see the town’s history displayed in an old chapel.

Donkey walking

Well behaved dogs are welcome to join in these walks along the country lanes and paths around Beaminster with a donkey and stop for a pub lunch or a cream tea.

Eggardon Hillfort

Dogs are welcome at Eggardon Hill as long as they are cleaned up after and kept under control around the farm animals that graze on the land. At 827 feet above sea level this iron-age hillfort commands a fantastic vantage point so you can enjoy the best views from any hillfort in Dorset. On a good day you can see South Devon, Start Point and the English Channel. You can drive there along the line of the Roman Road. If lucky you will spot a heard of wild deer grazing with a spectacular white stag in it’s midst.

St Catherine’s Chapel

Dogs are welcome at this is an iconic Dorset landmark, as it sits all alone on a hilltop. Be sure to check for farm animals and ensure your dog is on a lead should there be sheep or cattle around. Walk up the hill, to see the panoramic views of Chesil Beach and Portland. Wander around the nooks and crannies of the chapel, including the ‘wishing holes’ where the local women used to pray to St Catherine to find them a husband.

Dog friendly beaches 

Dogs are allowed on many beaches in Dorset we’ve put together a few of the dog-friendly beaches for your information.

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