CleaningThe thought of investing large sums of money in a home to be used by a succession of guests, perhaps not seeing it yourself for long periods, can be daunting, but it needn’t be. All our properties have a dedicated housekeeper (although in some instances this could be you if you choose) who cleans and provide linen/towels for each changeover. They will familiarise themselves with your property and be first point of contact for guests during their stay. We have two levels of management involvement, in both cases the housekeeper is contracted to you:


We will advertise and recruit a housekeeper on your behalf and maintain contact, supervise and motivate. The advantages include: spot checks, finding cover for sickness and holidays, troubleshooting, and paying all housekeeping, gardening and other outgoings on your behalf.  These amounts are then deducted from your account at the end of the month.  There is a monthly charge for this service depending on the size of our property.   Please see separate Facts and Figures for details.


If you are local or are confident in dealing with your own property then this may be the option for you. You will be responsible for the recruitment, replacement and holiday cover of your housekeeper.  In the event of a problem you would deal directly with the guests and housekeeper to resolve it. Both yours and your housekeeper’s contact details will be held at the property. In this category, we can still offer an initial housekeeper recruitment service for a one off fee. We can also recommend trusted trades-people should you need them.


• A damage deposit is taken on bookings for properties with 4 or more bedrooms, bookings from non-UK residents, those more than 15 days and any other booking at our discretion.
• A claim for damages must be submitted to us in writing and supported by photographic evidence within 3 days.
• All claims must be supported by receipts and professional invoices.
• For smaller properties without damage deposits we would seek compensation from the guests directly so the same reporting rules apply.

Complaint Handling and Problem Solving

Generally most issues that arise are caused by the failure of essential items, and these are easily solvable through swift action. Guests, for the most part are understanding, and allow us to send in trusted trades people during their stay to resolve issues. Complaints are usually constructive criticism and the expectation is that we will pass comments onto owners for their consideration and that is as far as the matter is taken. Although the Contract of Hire is between owner and guest, with a more serious complaint, we will act as mediators in the process to ensure that all matters are dealt with to our high standard of customer service and a mutually satisfactory resolution is reached.