Quality Assessments

Turnstone AssessmentsTurnstone Assessments

Every single property advertised through Dorset Coastal Cottages is independently inspected by the standards set by Turnstone Assessments (the self-catering specialist).  The scheme offers reassurance to our guests, especially those from overseas, that all of our properties adhere to a recognised quality standard and are regularly inspected. As a franchise agency, we employ our own assessors, who are trained and moderated by Turnstone Assessments. In addition to being able to offer inspections at a reduced cost, this provides more flexibility in organising inspection dates and advising owners on changes that can be made to improve a star rating. Our assessors will be happy to answer any queries. Your star rating will be displayed in several areas on the website and it is also displayed in the brochure. You may also purchase a plaque to display at your property. As part of the scheme you will be required to provide a fire risk assessment and access statement.
In addition to every property being independently inspected, Dorset Coastal Cottages are also a Quality Accredited Agency with VisitEngland. By qualifying as an Accredited Agency we are able to demonstrate to you and our guests that we are a quality agency with excellent customer care.

Client Grading

dreamstime_m_51544124In addition to the Visit England stars we also display client grades on the website and in the brochure. This is an in-house grading system based on the results of our Holiday Satisfaction Questionnaires which are sent to every booking throughout the year. These represent our guests’ actual experiences of staying in our properties, and are displayed in the form of small cottages and butterflies (the cottages represent the quality of the property and the butterflies its location). These assessments complement the Visit England ratings which are generally facilities and standards based.


In addition to asking our guests to grade their holiday property, we also ask that they grade the service they received from us as their booking agent. Our reviews are prominently displayed on our website and we are exceedingly proud of maintaining an excellent quality rating. The site that hosts all our customer feedback is feefo.com, who are widely regarded as an industry leader in moderated review sites.