Quality standard assessments

Quality standards

Turnstone Assessments

Turnstone Assessments

Every single property advertised through Dorset Coastal Cottages is independently inspected to the standards set by Turnstone Assessments (the self-catering specialist).  The scheme offers reassurance to our guests, especially those from overseas, that all of our properties adhere to a recognised quality standard and are regularly inspected. Turnstone Assessments train and moderate our assessors who as a franchise agency, we employ. In addition to being able to offer inspections at a reduced cost, this provides more flexibility in organising inspection dates. We can then advise you on changes you can make to improve your star rating. Our assessors will be happy to answer any queries. Several areas of the website and the brochure display your star rating.

As part of the scheme and to cover our commitment to the Holiday Home Association (HHA), we require you to provide a fire risk assessment and access statement. We will provide you with tools to help you achieve this.

Guest grading

In addition to the Turnstone Assessment stars, we also display guest gradings on the website. We send every booking a ‘Holiday Satisfaction Questionnaire’ five days after their return from holiday. Part of the questionnaire asks for their grading of your property and we record their response in our database. The average grading from these responses over the last year shows on the property page of the website. These guest assessments complement the Turnstone Assessments ratings which are generally facilities and standards-based.


As well as asking our guests to grade their holiday property, we also ask if they would like to leave a review. If the guest agrees to it, our software sends the review unedited to independent review site feefo.com. These reviews then show on the property page on our website.

In addition to their opinion of the property, we ask that they grade our service as a booking agent. We are exceedingly proud of our excellent rating and our ‘Gold Trusted Service’ award, which we have maintained since its inception.

Through these methods, we are able to monitor, maintain and improve our quality standards. This all leads to our twin goals of ensuring our guests’ satisfaction and maximising your potential income.