Property Protection From Flooding

The following information has been provided by the Community Group of Winfrith and West Knighton.

Methods of protecting property.

We have no commercial link with any of the suggested products listed here. They have been taken from recent publications in the National press. There will be many such products on the market and an internet search should give a range. Many local companies and tradesmen will be able to advise.

Keeping water out

  1. Waterproof sealed doors

UPVC units that look like ordinary front doors. Sealed by lifting handle and turning key. Protect against 2 foot of water.

Eg Flood Angel Flood Defender £1794

  1. Sump pump

Pump sits just underneath ground floor and pumps out water preventing it from rising.

Eg £1500 to install

  1. Floodgates for doors and windows

Protective panels such as Floodguard, in lightweight aluminium, installed in front of existing door. Can be clipped into place in seconds and easy to remove. Prices start at £600 for single door including fitting. Suitable for depths up to 3 foot and widths of up to 10 foot.


  1. Non-return valves

Backflow of water into toilets, sinks and showers cause problems. A non-return valve can be fitted at a cost of about £50 for a sink and £500 for a sewer valve by a competent plumber.

  1. Airbrick covers

Removable covers that will temporarily seal these openings. Should be removed once risk over.

  1. Exterior landscaping

If you have a large driveway consider replacing concrete or tarmac with gravel. Dykes can prevent a property from flooding.

  1. Seal cracks in external walls

Check cracks and mortar joints. External tanking could be an option but it is very costly. If springs in the property are an issue internal tanking is often carried out.


  1. Sandbag alternatives

Sandbags can be very heavy and hard to store. Aquasnakes are an alternative. Basically flexible bags that can be placed around a door and fill with water as it reaches the bag. Can be pierced and emptied when risk passes. DIY stores have them in stock and they can be bought over the internet.