A day out in Abbotsbury on a creative silversmith course

After a lovely drive across our beautiful part of Dorset, passing Hardy’s Monument and over the hills towards the coastline, my friend Liv and I arrived in sunny Abbotsbury. Today was to be a treat day!! We had booked ourselves a one-day course with Penny from Shoreline Silver.

Following a very warm welcome, Penny walked us through her lovely shop up to her fabulous studio. Here she gave us an informative chat about all the different pieces of equipment that we were surrounded by and some of the processes that we would most likely be using. Honestly, it was an Aladdin’s cave! Such a feast for the eye, we couldn’t wait to get started!!

Next, we needed to get our design thoughts onto paper. Liv and I hadn’t been terribly organised which is typical of us!! Both of us had been away travelling with our families prior to the course. Had we been able to make more time, there would have been more opportunity to put more thought into our designs. But as it was Penny was at hand with plenty of imagery and helpful advice, enabling us to get some sketches down and start to have more of an idea of how we wanted our final pieces to look.

Tammy pendantWe both decided that a pendant was the most useful piece of jewellery and would be the most manageable to make in a day. Liv was very adventurous and spent a good hour experimenting with texture and pattern on her silver, coming up with some exciting ideas. I was perhaps a little less bold but clearer in my head what I wanted my pendant to be. After a lot of hammering and filing it was time for lunch! Penny marvelled up the most delicious lunch, which we sat and ate in the front of her sun-drenched studio, amongst all her lovely displays of pieces for sale.

After eating far too much, as all too irresistible (particularly the outrageously naughty chocolate brownies), it was back to the grindstone!! With plenty more hammering, filing, annealing, pickling and polishing to do… (drum roll please !!)… we both finally completed our little masterpieces (well, at least that is what we thought they were !!)

All in all, a brilliant day out with lots of laughter and a lovely new set of skills learnt. I would definitely love to go back and learn more.