Dorset Holiday Hamper – for all seasons

Once you’ve made it to your holiday home, wouldn’t it be lovely to have access to a selection of luxury items without having to try and find the closest shop (or shops!) to stock up? Our friends at Cherry Picked Hampers are able to provide a holiday hamper to tickle your taste buds containing a wide range of provisions that can be ordered before you leave and waiting for you on your arrival.

Their luxury hampers are carefully stocked with produce from all around the county of Dorset, ensuring you will experience a warm welcome and enabling you to relax and slip into holiday mode right away.

Why not unwind with a bottle of Langham’s award winning sparkling wine? This blend of the three classic Champagne grape varieties comes from Dorset’s own Langham’s Estate vineyard. Or, if you would prefer a good old fashioned cup of tea, you could try a cup from the Dorset Tea Golden Blend range, delivering a smooth cup of tea that is full of flavour. Or wake up on your first morning and cook a delicious breakfast from the full breakfast holiday hamper. This belly busting hamper includes Dorset Handmade Pork Sausages and Dorset Dry Cured Back Bacon Rashers which will surely set you up for the day.

All the produce available in the holiday hampers is 100% Dorset. Also available are bespoke packages depending on the celebration or dietary requirements.

Holiday hampers can be pre-ordered up to 5 days in advance. They will then be hand delivered anywhere in Dorset for a small charge. See their website for more information

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